This is the beginning of a blog I’ll be keeping about the missionary thoughts, actions, and observations of our family.

We are not what you would call “missionaries” right now.  We live in the U.S., in the upper Midwest, in a small town.

There is the possibility that we’re being drawn in that direction, though.  Here or overseas; nothing is certain.  Just ruminations and contemplations at this point.


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I'm mom to five energetic kids who keep me hopping all day long.

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  1. CLH says:

    I often wonder what people exactly mean by missionaries. What are you doing now if not being a missionary for the gospel of Jesus Christ?

    I’m not trying to be harsh or rough, but I believe we over glorify the idea of being a “missionary”–the kind that go to Africa and rough it out in the bush–and miss the real mission at home.

    I am not doubting that you could be feeling some sort of call on your life. But I would challenge you to think about what you have to offer it you were to travel over seas. Do you have a skill that will improve the overall life of those you live with? Do you have skills to develop communication with tribes that are isolated by language barriers?

    Even in my comment I am assuming you will be going to Africa. If you were to go to say, India, do you have skill to offer there? You can’t just walk in and preach Jesus. There is years of learning and integrating before you will even have a chance to have meaningful conversation.

    Please understand, I am not trying to discourage your efforts. Instead, I am suggesting a possible blind spot that the church has at this particular point in history. Please feel free to respond and converse more about this.

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