I read this short article in the paper today and just had to clip it out and share it.  I’m not sure why I was so impressed with it.  It might be because it reminded me of my younger years, listening to Snoop’s 1993 album (I won’t share the title of it here, in case there are any who might get offended by it).  What I remember from his songs back then is a lot of talk about gangsters, gin & juice, smoking pot, etc.

I don’t know much about Snoop nowadays, but I am glad to see that he’s found a way to use his fame in a positive manner.  He is a man who is respected and revered by many young people (and not so young), so when he chooses to give back to his community in a personal way, that really sends a message to those who look up to him.  I wish more famous people would model that type of behavior so that today’s young people would have an example of how they can serve others, and see that it’s actually a really cool thing to do!


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I'm mom to five energetic kids who keep me hopping all day long.

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