Well, the title of this post tells it all.  I’m very sad right now.  Having already been part of a church that was torn apart, I find myself faced with the possibility of dealing with the same type of situation again.

I’m hoping that this situation will turn out differently, but the decision is not mine to make.  I find myself already grieving for the relationships that could be lost.

Why do people in the church find the need to spit their venom on those around them?  Why do we give in to those who complain the most or yell the loudest?  Since when did keeping people quiet and happy become the driving force of the church?

Were Jesus’ actions driven by those who yelled at him that he was doing things wrong?  Or did he listen to a higher power?

Why are people in the church so afraid of following the leading of the Holy Spirit?

People don’t like change.  They don’t like the unpredictable.  They don’t understand that change can be a good thing, and that it’s okay to try something different.  Sometimes people can’t see beyond their own church to the greater Church beyond.

If you’re going to criticize something, at least check it out and give it a chance. Talk to the people who are involved, to see how it is affecting their lives.  Please join me in prayer for this situation.  Pray that God’s will would be worked out and that we would all follow His leading.  Thank you!

I’m sorry that I’m being kind of vague, but it’s not my position to share the particular details of this situation.  Just know that we are in need of your prayers.


About daisyraytheclown

I'm mom to five energetic kids who keep me hopping all day long.

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