Do you know what it’s like for a stay-at-home mom to entertain the idea of what to wear to a “real job”?  My dresser is packed with jeans and t-shirts.  I wear jeans until they have holes in them.  I wear t-shirts until they’re so worn that they end up in the pajama pile.  Oh yes–I also have a couple of favorite comfy sweaters that I wear almost every day.  That is my mommy wardrobe.

So when I think about what I could even wear to a potential job interview, my stomach starts to flutter.  I don’t even have nice shoes anymore.  I just wear the same utilitarian black Skechers, day after day.  It’s not that I don’t like my wardrobe.  Comfort and practicality are important in my current role, but they don’t cut it in the world of professional working adults.

Growing up, we never had much money.  We would often buy what we needed at thrift stores, garage sales, or discount stores.  That habit has followed me into adulthood, so that it actually stresses me out to pay a lot of money for clothing.  Especially in a society where there is so much quality clothing to be bought second-hand, it seems foolish to go out and buy something new (unless you have a very specific need).

Son 1 and I went to Goodwill today so that I could search for some “nice” clothing.  I found a whole cartload of stuff to try on, but most of it didn’t fit or I just didn’t care for it.  In the end I came home with three pairs of slacks, three sweaters, and a pair of shoes.  The shoes just needed a little cleaning to make them look almost new.  I got all of this (plus a book and some needles for blowing up balls–son’s purchases) for $50.55.  I’d probably spend that much on just one nice pair of pants at the mall!

I’d rather find bargains at the thrift store and have extra money to spend on things that I value, than buy at the mall simply because it’s new and name brand.

Now I’ll be set for any interviews that come my way!


About daisyraytheclown

I'm mom to five energetic kids who keep me hopping all day long.

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