I’m starting a new series on what I’ll be dubbing “Sham Christianity.”  These posts will seek to point out false teaching in the Church and Christianity at large.  Any names associated with these videos are not really meant to particularly single out that person or ministry.  The more important things to focus on are the message, manifestations, and personal integrity of the leaders.  I’m amazed at how many people are deceived by all kinds of supposedly Christian messages, manifestations, and other hoopla which is not supported in the least by Scripture.  It is my belief that if a new teaching comes along and it cannot be supported by God’s Written Word, then it should not be accepted as God’s message at all.  Of course people have differing viewpoints on this, but I believe that since God does not change, He would not introduce doctrine and practices into the Church which would undermine The Holy Bible–the main way He has chosen to reveal Himself and His plan for humanity to mankind.

Anybody with a modicum of common sense can do some very basic research and see that something strange is invading churches today.  People are engaging in all sorts of bizarre behavior and embracing heretical teachings.  Unfortunately, the Church has generally been checking its collective brain at the door for so long, that we’ve forgotten how to discern God’s messages from the counterfeit ones which Satan tries to sneak into the Church.

It’s time to use our brains again.


It seems that young people are especially susceptible to this type of sham Christianity.  I pray that at least a few young people would be warned against this type of teaching and that they would recognize it for what it is, should they ever come across it. (And run–far, far away!)


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