Yes, we are technically homeless right now.  The big difference between our situation and that of other homeless families, is that we chose to put ourselves in this position.  It’s not nearly as scary when you have a choice in the matter.

We accepted an offer on our house on October 9 and closed on November 4.  That means it only took 26 days to close!  That time was a whirlwind of packing, cleaning, taking things to storage, and taking care of all the little tasks of moving house.  Despite all of that, it was surprisingly relaxed and unstressful.  The day of closing, two friends from church came over and helped us do last-minute cleaning and getting final belongings out of the house.  It worked out perfectly, with just the right amount of time for us to drive over to our realtor’s office to sign papers.  The kids hung out in an adjoining room, playing with their little animal and people figurines.  That was it–we were house free and had a good down-payment for a new house!

We’ve spent two nights at my parents’ house now.  My dad set up their pop-up camper in the garage and that’s where all seven of us, plus the two cats are sleeping.  It’s cozy.  😉

We’re getting by as best we can, trying to operate out of someone else’s home.  I’m just focused on keeping our basic needs met–clean laundry, regular meals, trying to stay organized.  It’s a daunting task since we don’t really have any space of our own.  The camper is too small for anything other than sleeping.

I’m hoping to go down to our target city at the end of this week and look at some potential properties.  We don’t want to move in the middle of winter.  That’s a little too much adventure for us.


About daisyraytheclown

I'm mom to five energetic kids who keep me hopping all day long.

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