I did go down to our target city last weekend and toured quite a few properties.  Three of them stood out to me as having potential for our family.  One of them had asbestos siding, so I researched that online and found out that those houses can be difficult to insure.  After checking with our insurance company, I found that they do NOT insure houses with asbestos siding.  Okay, that one was off the list.  The other house has three buildings on the property and is a bit more divided than we would like.  The last house is quite large but needs a ton of work.  We decided to offer on the last one.

Yesterday we made an offer on the major fixer-upper.  We found out that an investor had previously made an offer on the house and that there was a lot of back and forth negotiation still in the process.  My suspicions are that the investor was just trying to pay as low a price as possible.  Since the seller now has two offers on the table, they asked for each of us to submit our best offer.  While we are offering all that we have (which isn’t much when it comes to buying a house), we’re not in much of a position to compete with an investor.  We’ve been praying about it and asking others to pray with us.  It would be nice to get the house, but maybe it isn’t God’s plan for us.  If not, we can always offer on the three-building property.

The waiting is difficult.  Not knowing one way or another and trying not to let my thoughts be consumed with this one issue is a major challenge.  I want to be content with whatever God has planned for us, whether or not it’s what I think He has planned.

We should have a reply to our offer by tomorrow.  Until then I’m trying to just chill out.  Easier said than done.  A hot cup of tea definitely helps  🙂


About daisyraytheclown

I'm mom to five energetic kids who keep me hopping all day long.

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