We closed on the house a few days ago and were able to finally see the inside of it a couple of days after that.  We went through it while the current occupants were still there, some still sleeping.  Our escort through the house was a very obviously unhappy man which made for an uncomfortable and awkward tour.  We weren’t able to be excited or talk about our new house because the man was rolling his eyes and sneering at everything our realtor said.  Did I mention it’s the former owners still living there–rent-free for a year and a half?  They’ve had a sweet set-up and I can see why they wouldn’t want to leave.

I can understand that they wouldn’t want to leave even though their house was foreclosed on.  It was probably a life-long dream of theirs to own a home.  I don’t know the circumstances surrounding why they lost the house or why they didn’t save up money or look for an apartment in a year and a half.  The unfortunate truth is that we own the home, the city tells us we have to occupy it, and we don’t have the money to buy a house and let someone else live in it for free.  I had to call and tell them that we now own the house and that we have to move in, so we expect them to be out by a certain date.  I was shaking and had a quavery voice while we were talking, and it continued to shake me up after the conversation was over.  I never wanted to be the person who kicked somebody out of their home.  But right now the role of the “bad guy” has fallen in my lap.  How we’ve wished that the city would have handled this in the time that they owned the house.

So now we have to interact with the current occupants and the property as if we were landlords.  They don’t have our permission to be there, but until we can get them out, there are certain rules we have to follow.  This includes giving them adequate notice of things like when we’re going to enter the house, that we need a copy of the keys, when we expect them to be out, etc.  If they don’t cooperate in leaving the house, we’ll have to go through the eviction process.  I’m hoping it doesn’t go that far.  Just last night I started entertaining the idea that this is our house and trying to envision ourselves living there.  It’s hard to think of it as real with someone else living there who doesn’t want to leave.

Our current short-term goal is to get a set of keys for the house, either from the tenants or by having a lock changed and giving them a copy of the new key.  We have to be able to access the property in case of an emergency and for maintenance.

I’ve joked with my husband that it seems like the city is welcoming us with open arms–right into the midst of its major housing issues.  There’s no honeymoon period–we’re going straight into reality in this new city we’ll be calling home.

On another depressing note, we had to have one of our cats put down on Monday.  She was only nine years old, but she had a large growth in her abdomen and fluid in her lungs.  She was definitely suffering.  The kids took it kind of hard, but we had previously talked about getting another kitten when we move into our new house, so that gives them something positive to focus on.

Prayer Requests:

  • healing for the son of fellow churchgoers — he’s in the hospital in very serious condition HEALED & HOME WITH HIS FAMILY!
  • continued health for another church friend who is frequently in and out of the hospital
  • resources for a friend to get a vehicle — hers died and she needs one to get to work
  • that the kids would be able to cope with another delay — our lives are on hold

About daisyraytheclown

I'm mom to five energetic kids who keep me hopping all day long.

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