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As you know, we just moved into our new house.  While things are generally livable right now, the room which has been designated as the Craft Room is in need of some TLC!  The previous owners had kept a dog in there, so there was scratched trim, a chewed on electrical outlet and urine stained carpet.  I mean this was some of the nastiest carpet ever, with a herculean-strong smell of stale urine.  Can you see why I just had to get started on fixing it up?  (We also need to clean it up so that the office can be purged of all of the craft room boxes.)  You can see the “before” picture when it is crammed full of boxes, above.

The first step was to rip up the old carpet and padding which was relatively easy.  Then I just vacuumed up all of the dust and debris.  That’s as far as we got on the first day.

Underneath the carpet there was the original wood floor which had been painted white, then some kind of linoleum-type floor–painted white, then floor tiles–painted white.  The paint was easily scrubbed off of all the floor surfaces with a baby wipe, so I’m not sure what kind of paint they used.  The linoleum layer looks like stones or pebbles and the tiles have a brown flower pattern (see slideshow).  There are also four pipes sticking out of the walls–three water pipes and one gas.  When the house was a four-plex, this room was used as a kitchen.

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We waited several days before starting on the second step.  Hubby and I suited up in work clothes and respirators to rip up the old tiles and carpet tack strips.  Since we didn’t know how old the tiles were we wanted to be on the safe side–hence the respirators.  They came up quite easily so there really wasn’t much mess or dust created.  Then hubby swept and I vacuumed.  We also made a trip to the hardware store and picked out some new vinyl flooring that comes in a roll.  I like that particular kind of flooring for a work space because it’s easy to install, easy to clean, and easy to remove.  Maybe we’ll refinish the original wood floors sometime in the future, but for now we just need the room to be functional.  In the slideshow below you’ll see a few shots from phase two of the project.  One of the pics shows an area that seems to have been damaged by fire sometime in the past.  The top of the boards in that section were like charcoal.

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